Ewan Dryburgh



I lived in a truck in the African bush for a year and came to know the animals I was filming intimately. Knowledge of tracking and understanding of animal behaviour enabled me to decide on how to tell their story and the sequences that were needed. I shot long lens behavioural scenes and time lapses for Nat Geo and the BBC.

While working in Botswana I acquired bush driving skills and a knowledge of car mechanics which are essential when filming in remote places. I assisted with Shot Over work, from loading the pay load, to filming from helicopters and driving the Shot Over crew on the ground. I also have an understanding and respect for sound as I have worked on many BBC Natural Worlds and Horizons. In addition I have set up and planned the pre-production for shoots, including organising equipment for an entire African shoot to sourcing period props for drama reconstructions.

CAA approved Drone Pilot with a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO).


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