Camera Rig and Sound Rig Tec, Driving Mum and Dad Crazy, Channel 5

17 year old leaning how to drive with their parents.

Long Lens Sequence Camera Op, Savage Kingdom 3 and 4, Nat Geo

2,000 miles of remote African savanna; this ancient land is governed by competing clans of ruthlessly proficient predators. Their survival depends on herds of powerful prey.

Long Lens Sequence Camera Op, Hippos, BBC Natural World

Following the life of hippos over the course of a year in the Okavango Delta.

Camera Op, ‘The Truth about Carbs’, BBC

What is the truth about carbs?

Camera Op, ‘Generation Gifted’ BBC

Following the story of gifted children from under-privileged backgrounds.

Camera Op, Gimbals and Drone, Sound Supervisor, ‘My Life as a Chimp’ Channel Four

Looking into the lives of chimps; how closely related are we?

Sound, Camera Assistant, ‘Extraordinary Rituals’, Bristol Natural History Unit

BBC Landmark Series

The series follows the extreme lengths humans go to, to celebrate rituals in the name of their beliefs. A 4 x 60’ series.  

Sound, DIT, ‘Attenborough’s Eggs’, BBC Natural World

What came first the chicken or the egg? And why are eggs such successful forms of creation? David Attenborough presenting. 

Sound, B Camera, Sparky, ‘H is for Hawk the Next Chapter’, BBC Natural World

After Helen MacDonald’s father died she wrote H is for Hawk, an international best-selling book about raising her goshawk, Mabel. We pick up the story where the book left off. 

Sound, B Camera, DIT, ‘Africa’s Gentle Giants’ Narrated by David Attenborough, BBC Natural World, AGB Production

Julian Fennessy reveals the secrets of giraffes, an understudied species. Their populations are rapidly declining. The story of a small team of dedicated conservationists fighting to protect and study these endangered animals.

Additional Sound, B Camera, Minnow Films, ‘SAS Who Dares Wins’ 2015, Channel 4, Minnow films award winning

20 Civilians are pushed to their limits as they try to overcome the mental and physical tests set by the elite SAS. Eight days in training camp; he who dares wins.

Sound, Camera Assistant, DIT, ‘The Hole’ Narrated by David Attenborough

Short film on the largely forgotten story of the unlikely environmental heroes Ronnie and Maggie, and how they saved planet earth from CFCs.

Sound, B Camera, DIT ‘Kangaroo Dundee’ BBC Natural World, AGB production

Brolga is a tough Australian who lives in the outback with a mob of orphaned

kangaroos. He rescues baby joeys from the roadside when their mothers are killed and nurses them back to health.

Camera Op, Production Assistant, Props and DIT, Actor, ‘Inside Windsor Castle’ Channel 5

A four-part series on the Royals lives inside Windsor Castle. Experts talk about pivotal moments in the castle’s history, brought to life through drama recon. 

Camera Assistant and Sparky, ‘Television’s Opening Night: How It Was Born’

Dallas Campbell, Professor Danielle George and Dr Hugh Hunt attempt to restage the very first official broadcast on British television, exactly 80 years after it made history.

Camera Assistant and Technical Assistant, Actor, ‘Secrets of the SAS’, Channel 5

Based on strikingly candid interviews with former SAS soldiers. This landmark documentary series reveals for the first time the human experience of serving in the world’s most famous elite military unit.

Sound, ‘Artist in Residence’, Channel Four

Tai Shan Schierenberg is a world famous artist who has painted everyone from queen to Richard E. Grant. In this programme he wants to explores what football culture really is from its deepest roots and creates a body of work on his discoveries.

Sound, Camera Assistant, ‘Diana, In Her Own Words’, Channel Four

The story of princess Diana. Her struggles with her husband, to being banished from Royal life. The rise and fall of a princess.